The Fake News immunity project
Rhondda Cynon Taf Libraries (Treorchy Library)

“It has given us the confidence to say we can do more ambitious things, longer ranging things”
Wendy Cole, Treorchy Libraries
Staff member
Treorchy Fake new booklet cover

The project aimed to raise awareness of the topic of Fake News and to promote and develop critical thinking among participants. Participants included Year 6 school children and other members of the local community.

Higher Education Engagement

The library team worked with researchers from the University of Liverpool and Dundee University who specialise in fake news and information literacy.


The library team worked with staff from a local theatre and primary school and two arts facilitators (Mud and Thunder). Three workshops with children from Treorchy Primary School were arranged. The pupils then conducted their own research and created an exhibition which was displayed in the library. A Community Conversation about Fake News was organised and participants worked with Mud and Thunder to produce a short film and audio recording. A film premiere night was held in the local theatre to show the film which was followed by a group discussion about Fake News.

Two booklets were produced, one offering information on Fake News and another based on the research by the primary school children. A website has also been created (see further information).

Public Impact

Project evaluation showed that pupils had a greater awareness of fake news after the workshops. It benefitted the school by helping them engage with the wider community, which they had not had opportunity to do since the pandemic.

Impact on Library Staff

Staff gained confidence in managing long-term projects and trying new and ambitious ideas. They are already planning a new collaboration with the Human Library. They also developed a positive partnership with the local theatre which will be taken forward.

Key facts

Engagement type
Face-to-face in library
Face-to-face in other settings
1-to-1 interactions
Group discussions
Workshops and talks
Creative activities
Self-directed activities
Universal Offer
Information and Digital
Culture and Creativity
University of Liverpool
University of Dundee

Further Information